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By muscle maniac (anonymous IFBB pro)

For all you non believers out there try this for size!

After a gentle ten minutes on a stationary bike get stuck into some high intensity LEG EXTENSIONS. Slow repping with a pause at the bottom and a pause and intense squeeze at the top of each rep. Do six sets of nothing less than twenty reps per set with ascending weight on each set. You have to get twenty each set no matter what - force it/cry, do whatever - just get twenty reps! Don't start light, just go in with your normal weight range - don't be a pussy cat! You want legs... WORK!

Follow this with a good compound, either SQUATS or LEG PRESS. You will do four working sets starting at fifteen reps working down to eight reps on the fourth set. Slow repping again with a pause at the top with a deep peak contraction for a second each and every rep (don't lock knees). There is no rush so take your time and go for the quality training with intensity! Again, don't shy away. I know the legs are fried but you have to use similar weights as per a 'conventional' workout to get the most out of this. After these four workings sets, finish with one all out set with your original start weight for over 20 reps in rest pause style if that is what it takes to finish well over 20 reps, again pay attention to quality style and rep speed. You have to push it for big separated legs!

Moving on, if you did SQUATS first, then do LEG PRESS next or vice versa. Again do the same four working sets followed by the all out fifth set all done in the same strict, intense style. Don't wimp out now!

Following this set move strait onto ONE LEG EXTENSIONS for two sets of twenty reps each leg done back to back till completed, again in a style similar to the beginning sets of LEG EXTENSIONS. Remember to squeeze every rep - the intensity of the contractions is what is going to stimulate growth!

Now for some LYING LEG CURLS for hamstrings. Again, done in similar style to your squats and leg press, four working sets followed by the all out set of twenty reps or more done in rest pause style if needed. Now to add a little extra spice why don't you superset these sets with STRAIGHT LEG DEADLIFTS! Don't cry now - legs don't come easy and if you want deep hanging hamstrings, just DO IT! Nothing less than fifteen reps per set with a decent weight that can be done in strict form... we don't want to work back!

And now for the final ass whooping exercise... WALKING LUNGES!

You want to find a straight length of about 25m and that will be your lap out and again in! Do two laps of walking lunges and try to fight through it! Don't give up, see it through!! Yes you are going to suffer for days but hey, think of the possibilities of muscle growth - and even better - the total satisfaction of completing this hell!!!